Wednesday, 4 September 2013

PerVita Foundation - Passion Driven


Pervita means "for life" in Italian. Pervita is a non profit that consist of a group of young passionate minds that want to effect change in their own small way. Pervita foundation as a group uses the human potential to enrich and inspire the less privileged in the society. The foundation mainly concentrates on the underprivileged by organizing annual events that are aligned to helping the less privileged acquire skills and also grow interest in the children. Pervita focuses mainly on orphanages, communities and homes that shelter the under privileged. Pervita is very particular about education, health and livelihood of the people of Ghana. Pervita believes in a direction that involves getting direct contact with the people (mostly children) in these deprived communities and homes and equipping them with opportunities that are out there. Pervita also helps these less privileged children and communities by providing support to the people through donations. These donations include exercise books, paint brushes, pencils, math-sets, pens,food, clothings, shoes,etc.


Pervita inspires through the use of its main awareness program, dubbed Touring with a Purpose(TWAP). The program involves raising funds from its numerous members who contribute and partake in its programs. TWAP is a very ingenious way of reaching out to the young minds in our society to help. People provide help by donating cash or kind; time, clothes and/or advice. This program helps the young minds who participate understand the importance of helping people and transferring knowledge. TWAP usually involves, up and coming artisans with the sessions that it integrates in its programs. Pervita also uses these artisans in other areas of their endeavor during their charity outreach programs. Its a continues chain of involvement. This helps other up and coming artisans see the worth of their work when they are involved in these programs. Pervita does not believe in the accepted way of performing charity, where donations are made and everyone walks away. Pervita understands the need for skills acquisition, and the essence of awareness through education as well as the provision of health. We inspire the general public, up and coming artisans, doctors to make use of their time and contribute to the society.

pervitagh - passion driven


That people are not limited to waiting for big organizations to help support the needy in their societies. Each individual can make an effort and help their community by getting involved in activities that will help foster growth in the lives of less privileged children and adults in the society. Pervita Foundation has done it and they can do it.

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