Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Volunteer Profile: Ismail Isshaq

Ismail Isshaq is a 25 year old art enthusiast who started painting at the age of 6 years. He hails from Apam in the Central Region. He enjoys football and his hobby aside painting is fashion designing. Isshaq attended Ghanatta College of Art and Design which he graduated successfully. Isshaq has a passion for charity. 
He has been involved in a lot of charity since completing Ghanatta College of Art and Design. Isshaq believes change comes from agents, and he is a vessel put on this earth to help with change. His artwork is mostly inspired from his personal life experiences. He sees art as a medium through which young talents can develop themselves. 

Isshaq partnered/volunteered with PerVita in 2012 to handle the art session during our Tour With A Purpose because he values the idea of giving back to society. He has been very keen on imparting and changing livelihoods through art. Isshaq handles the art session with so much enthusiasm and concentrates on unearthing the talents in the children even to the extent of getting them to paint for the first time. The level of attention he gives to the children during these sessions is unrivalled and he has been very prolific in teaching the children to paint.

He always has patience and his very determined nature guides the children into following his footsteps as he leads them to produce their own art pieces. For most of these children it is usually their first experience and the end result is always exciting for them. Isshaq always makes the sessions very exciting by creating a competitive atmosphere where each child's work is judged by the on looking crowd and then gives the winner the demonstrative art piece painted by himself. His generosity and love for helping the less privileged is what has led him to many opportunities. He believes in making a difference by using the little that you have; in his case his talent as an artist...

During his leisure he spends time to discover new art work. He is always in the process of reinventing his artwork. Isshaq is always a desire to watch when he is creating an art piece. Because to him art is not only what you see but the process that is involved in creating an art piece is art in itself.

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