Friday, 10 January 2014

Painting Project: Painting the only community school in Menpe Meho Asem

On the 16th of November 2013, Pervita and Dress A Kid Foundation graced the school of Mempe Mehu Asem Elementary School. The school is the only basic school in the community. The 32 member team compromised of volunteers embarked on the wonderful journey to paint the only community school in the town of Menpe Meho Asem. As part of the painting project we donated exercise books, pens, pencils, slates and other stationery to the children of Menpe Meho Asem. 
The trip started from Kwame Nkrumah Circle where most of the volunteers convened to join the bus. The ride was very refreshing; beverages were served. The trip to Menpe Meho Asem lasted about 50 minutes from the pickup point to the said location. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by very happy pupils.

Team leaders from both foundations formally gave a welcome address to all the volunteers and inspired them to contribute their all towards the worthy cause.

 Without wasting much time we commenced the painting by first receiving a quick tutorial on painting, which was led by one of the three professional painters who accompanied us.

After the quick lesson all painting work began and it was a smooth exercise. A lot of people did not realize they had great painting skills which was a good surprise to many.
While the exercise was on going we took the liberty to perform our some interviews with the school authorities in which serious issues affecting the education system in the community was documented.


1. Lack of proper administration: one office is shared by the headmasters, common staff room, administration and also house cabinet for book keeping.
2. Uncompleted school buildings: Class 5 to JHS 2 is not completed which makes it difficult for classes to go on when it rains. Pupils are forced to join other classes which results in teaching being put on hold due to disruptions by the perching pupils. 

3. No library Facilities

4. No ICT Center

5. High level of teenage pregnancy in the community

We conducted an interview with the headmaster which resulted with him highlighting the following areas which are of most importance to the administration. 
  • Finishing the primary 3 classroom
  • Water project
  • Construction of library

Finally the painting project came to a successful end and the picture above shows the finished painting project plus the wonderful group that made this possible.

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