Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The redefinition of Love has taken different forms over the years in relation to the celebration of Valentine's Day. Years have recorded different affiliation with Valentine and the youth as a whole. Gladly enough, Ghana Cocoa Board adopted St. Valentine's Day and made it the National Chocolate Day, which seeks to mark the day of celebrating love and patronizing our made in Ghana Chocolates.  
Since the inception of the National Chocolates Day, there has been various activities to mark Valentines Day. The Pervita Foundation, a non-governmental organisation ceased the opportunity to re brand St. Valentines day by serving the rural communities. 

TOURING WITH A PURPOSE is a youth wing under the foundations social calender that seeks to bring the youth together to give back to society. As its uniqueness, the event seeks to bring the youth to appreciate and bridge up with culture and re identify ourselves with our roots as Ghanaians. 

Over the weekend, the youth based organisation took a trip to Agbagorme, South Tong district to re paint a 2 unit school building for the children in the village. They also mounted street signs to serve as indicators for driver using the route. Sports materials as well as educative materials were presented to the school. 

The objective of the charitable deed is to encourage children to make education their number one priority. it was also to create a conducive environment for children to learn and develop their minds by way of sports and non formal activities. 

The chief of the village, Torgbui Dornor, expressed his profound gratitude to the team for leaving such a memorable mark in the lives of children and the community at large. He tasked school authorities to ensure that the building is kept in good shape to serve the purpose it has for the community. 

The train still continues as Pervita Foundation will be touching lives through tourism.